Patient Forms

Upon entering our office, we will want you to have the completed patient forms found in the New Patient Station. This gives us vital information about your background and your condition.




The next stage is a consultation with Dr. Barry Bodanza to discuss your health issues in detail. You will also review your expectations and learn more about how a customized treatment plan can help you.




Following your conversation, your doctor will conduct a chiropractic examination for flexibility and reflex testing purposes. Other physical tests may be completed at this time as well.



X-Ray Studies

Your own situation might call for X-rays. This allows us to zero in on a treatment plan aligned specifically to your concerns. Many patients are even able to identify their own problems by looking at an X-ray.



Report of Findings

After we have collected all this information, you will receive a detailed report of all the findings and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Common questions include how a chiropractor can help you, how often you may need to come it, and the cost of treatment. The doctor will also inform you at this time whether you may need treatment from additional providers.



After your consultation, you can experience your first treatment if you choose. Soft tissue massage, physiotherapy, and spinal adjustments can be used to relieve pain and start your total treatment plan.



Wellness Program

Your doctor will recommend a wellness program that can be used in conjunction with in-office treatment to maximize your well-being. We can also help you generate a healthy living plan that will complement what you do in our office. Each patient will receive a customized wellness plan. Our goal is to treat the total “you”.

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