Chiropractic Coach

Chiropractic care is used to increase the healing process in the body by improving the function and mobility of the spine. Imagine the bones in your spine are members on a sports team. Your chiropractor is the coach for your spine! Your chiropractor’s job is to create the best team
atmosphere. When your spine has optimal function and mobility it will reduce and most often eliminate pain and discomfort. To do this properly your body needs the proper treatment plan. Below is our traditional method for improving your spine!

Step1: Pain Relief

Our goal is to first address any outstanding pain when you come to visit our office. On your first visit your doctor will evaluate your condition and you will receive a custom treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

Each patient, case and necessary treatment varies. Therefor, each patient will receive their own treatment plan in order to best suit their individual needs.
Your doctor will go over this with you during your 1st visit.

Step2: Corrective Care

In this phase, your tissues and muscles are allowed to heal more completely, reducing the chances of a future injury. You might need treatments 4-8 times a month for 6-24 months total.

Step2: Preventative Care

After your body has healed, come in for periodic adjustments to help prevent future problems. Generally you will only need to come in 1-4 times per month for this kind of treatment.

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