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Chiro Injury and Wellness, LLC cares about you!  We are a state of the art injury and wellness center that takes a holistic approach to managing our client’s pain and discomfort.  We also teach preventative care through our Wellness Center to keep you flexible and pain free.  Upon arrival for your first appointment you are carefully evaluated and an individualized plan of care is established specifically for your needs.  Our Chiropractor, Dr. Barry Bodanza has years of experience in assessment and spinal manipulation.  His wellness team is always available to offer their services which include lifestyle management, dietary counseling, corrective maintenance exercises and massage.  Whether your pain is acute, caused from an accident or injury, or a chronic condition such as arthritis, Chiro Injury and Wellness, LLC can offer you a solution to your pain and empower you to have a stronger, healthier body.

We love our clients.  Our goal is to have all of our clients complete their treatment regime and walk out pain free and with an enhanced sense of wellbeing.  Don’t live with chronic, debilitating pain any longer.  Make your appointment today and take the first step to living an active, well balanced life.

Enjoy Chiropractic Benefits

Many people learn to live with chronic pain conditions.  Some opt to take medications for pain reduction and some may decide to have surgical intervention.  Both of these choices can impact your lifestyle in a negative fashion.  Side effects of medications, post operative recovery time, and possible surgical complications can make you feel like you’ve lost control of your body and wellbeing.  Chiro Injury and Wellness, LLC has a unique alternative to standardized medical treatments that is safe and non-invasive. We offer treatment solutions that actively include you in the recovery process.  Our individualized treatment plan ensures the best possible outcome tailored to your needs and ability; without the long term use of medications or complications of surgical intervention.

At Chiro Injury and Wellness, LLC we believe a healthy, pain free body can be achieved through our holistic approach to care. We believe our clients seek alternative treatment because they understand the need for wellness centered care. We know people want to be actively involved in their wellbeing.  We encourage you to visit us for a thorough evaluation and establishment of a treatment regime that will make you feel years younger and empower to be the person you want to be.